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Fairy Tail Alphabet: Hugs

A hug is generally a positive exchange of energy between two or more people. A hug is a way to share both good and bad times with others. A hug can create a connection that one cannot express in words. Even a small hug generally makes everyone feel good. A hug can make one feel safe and secure. Some people are not comfortable with the physical embrace, yet a quick hug can go a long way.

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Banaki … Hakka não Togame

Bleach | Cap Manga Grande Editar  

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★ Happy Birthday, Kabuto! [2/29] ★

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Mashima art: Strauss sisters

I felt like I heard it
Because I felt like I sensed it
Just now, in my heart that has begun to tremble
I felt it come again
the new sun, crossing over a thousand morning.

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